Lucas Spivey

BFA/MBA Lucas Spivey scrapped his PhD plans to be a road warrior. Born in MN, raised in rural WI, AK, SC and GA, and living between WA and MA, he’s moved almost every year of his life. Driving across 46 states in the Mobile Incubator - a handbuilt broadcast studio inside a ‘57 camper towed by a ‘73 ambulance - he sat down with thousands of artists, performers, writers, designers, makers, and other entrepreneurs. Their hard fought wisdom inspired him to forget a PhD and instead create the collaborative school Culture Hustlers.

Lucas is the founder of the business school for creators Culture Hustlers; and founder of the experimental art center 17 Cox. Lucas received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Art & Art History, and his MBA in Finance. Since 2010, Lucas has pioneered a 100% experiential learning model for thousands of individual creators. He’s developed programs for Harvard University, Ringling College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and produced storytelling for local government offices, business incubators, and service organizations like Arts & Business Council, Gener8tor, and Boston Center for the Arts.






17 COX



...and hundreds of individual artists, performers, writers, designers, makers, and other cultural entrepreneurs.